Quadpack unlocks the power of rapid package prototyping

Ultra-realistic models make the idea real for our clients, enabling an accelerated decision-making process. We are a long way from the bland all-white models we produced prior to 3D printing – today the possibilities are endless.

Jeremy Garrard, Director of Design and Advanced Technologies at Quadpack

A global manufacturer and designer of bespoke beauty packaging solutions, Quadpack Industries, first invested in Stratasys PolyJet 3D printing technology in 2018 with a J750 3D Printer. 

With much success in the implementation, Quadpack proceeded to invest in the most advanced PolyJet system, the J850 Prime, which has helped them to strengthened existing client relationships and opened new pathways for more businesses.

Before the use of PolyJet technology, Quadpack would produce models for customers in all white and using image renders. This meant that customers were unable to visualize the final product and often resulted in a lengthy (few weeks) and costly design process.

Enter the J850 Prime which was able to print full-color PANTONE validated multi-material models that are almost identical both aesthetically and texturally to the finished product.

Models could be 3D printed rapidly in a matter of hours which meant increased flexibility and design freedom – all on one easy-to-use platform. Precious time was also shaved off the time-consuming design process thanks to support for 3MF file format capability and KeyShot 10 3D rendering software.

Print first-off concept prototypes quickly and cost-effectively with Stratasys’ concept modelling material, Super High Speed Draft Grey.

“Having the ability to replicate ‘glass-like’ components at the prototyping stage really helps to visualize a product and improve the quality of our final designs. For example, we can now produce nail varnish bottle prototypes in VeroUltraClear material that are barely distinguishable from the final product with the naked eye,” said Oliver Drew, Designer at Quadpack Industries.

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