Preferred Partner for 3D Printing

While the benefits of 3D Printing may be clear, operational costs and implementation may not be. Perhaps your company has considered buying a 3D printer but isn’t sure about the costs involved and technological expertise needed.

Then the question occurs, would it be better to buy a printer or outsource your 3D printing needs for a one-off service print*?

With over 20 years of unmatched expertise in working with 3D printing across all industries, sectors, and applications, draw from our experience in utilizing the optimal 3D printing techniques and materials for your application.


Submit your CAD file (.STL, etc) for analysis by our team. A suitable printing technology and material will be advised to you for your application.


Upon agreeing on the specifications & subjected to printer availability, your part will be printed with our 3D Printers and be monitored for print success. 


Once printed, we take care of post-processing under strict quality control processes. We will dispatch it to you on the next available working day. 

*Service printing is applicable for FDM and PolyJet materials only, and is assessed on a case-by-case basis for feasibility.
Contact us for alternatives if you wish to print in other materials.

Want to know more?

Be it concept development or service printing, get in touch for an in-depth discussion.


    I'm interested in creating a prototypeI'm interested in a bulk order/batch productionI'm new and need some 3D printing guidanceOthers

    (be as specific as possible)

    And if you’ve got a CAD file on hand – you can drop us an email at for a quicker turnaround. 

    For post-processing of metals, we recommend our DLyte Dry Electropolishing machines – the world’s first dry electropolishing technology that grinds metals to a mirror polish in one automated process.