Serving 3D-Printed Chip Trays to the Semiconductor Industry

At Creatz3D, our Application Engineers are constantly looking for ways to improve real-life production processes with 3D printing.

Set of semiconductor chip trays printed in-house.

Global Known Disruptions to the Semiconductor Industry

With the recent shortage of raw materials faced by the semi-con industry, it has impacted across the ecosystem of markets – one of which is suppliers passing their cost increase to customers due to the rising cost of supply chains from raw materials, labour, fabrication etc.

During this emerging wave of disruptions, it becomes pertinent for industry players to relook and rethink their supply chains to gain a competitive edge within the industry.

Mitigation with 3D Printing?

As part of Creatz3D’s core efforts in driving 3D printing market relevancy towards the industry, our team of application engineers have developed, and 3D printed a set of semiconductor chip trays – as one of the 3D printing case feasibilities.

Set of semiconductor chip trays printed by us.

A functional semiconductor chip tray is one designed not just to house chips with a retention mechanism – with stable points for chips to stay intact in their positions, it is also one that protects the quality and functionality of the chips.

Advanced Material Properties

This semiconductor chip tray is printed using the Stratasys Fortus 450mc, with the ABS-ESD7 as a choice material. This is a thermoplastic with static dissipative properties, thus preventing static electricity build-up when the tray is being used to house and transport microelectronic devices. This is one of the crucial factors for preventing contamination of the microelectronic chips when considering storage solutions for them.

Solder Test Fixture made from ABS-ESD7

Coupled with the low outgassing property of the material, this semiconductor chip tray can continue to protect the quality of the chips housed within it, amidst changes to environmental factors such as weather and industrial conditions.

Benefits of 3D Printing Integration

The idea of 3D printing adoption makes way for not just prototyping, but end-use part productions as well. Traditionally for the case of this chip tray, there is no one-size-fits-all part that suits every production. Hence, making it a tedious supply chain cycle from validation to fabrication – costing more time and money that limits the part design.

With 3D printing integrations, semiconductor manufacturers can:

    • Afford design iterations, and bringing an optimized part from design-to-print within a short timeframe.
    • Access replacement parts without MOQ constraint, at a fraction of the cost.
    • Minimise possible contamination of trays caused by storage.
    • Unlock digital inventory – keeping physical storage space lean and cost-savings on space.
Close-up of one of our chip trays printed.

The above are our takes on the possibilities of 3D printing for the Semi-Con industry.

At Creatz3D, we always believe in fostering collaborative efforts between industries to push boundaries in succeeding to the next level for the better good of the landscape.

Let us know if you have any takes or ideas to further the efforts together.

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