Stratasys 3D prints BIOMIMICS Medical Models To Tackle Surgical Training Challenges

BIOMIMICS™, a new medical model technology solution from global 3D printing solutions leader, Stratasys, enables advanced support for physician training and education, and medical device testing and validation, which were a huge challenge with existing methods.

Some of the challenges faced by the medical industry today, include human cadaver models not being ideal in terms of patient age or condition, and the use of outdated or mass-produced medical models which are patient-specific.

To address such challenges, BIOMIMICS™ creates anatomically accurate, realistic and functional medical models such as vertebrae and femur models, which enables medical professionals to recreate complex anatomy in rich detail for a wide range of clinical scenarios.

An advanced medical model.
An advanced medical model (Photo: Stratasys).

Experiments can be carried out on models that mimic a variety of patient-specific pathologies with realistic feel and haptic feedback that simulate real tissue and bone.

In addition, BIOMIMICS™ enables medical device OEMs access to patient anatomy for testing and validation of products. None of the risks, accessibility and repeatability issues are associated with cadavers and animals, thereby allowing for repeatable and complex pathology for training facilities.

In this short video, Stratasys discussed the benefits of using BIOMIMICS™ for complex medical procedures with Dr. Amir Sternheim, the Head of the Metastatic Bone Disease Unit at the National Unit of Orthopaedic Oncology from Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center.

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