Stratasys J55 3D Printer enables quick and full-color design realism for professionals everywhere

The world leader in additive manufacturing solutions, Stratasys, has unveiled the new Stratasys J55 PolyJet 3D Printer which aims to make quick, full-color design realism accessible to designers and teams everywhere.

Despite the price point of the J55 coming at a third of what you expect of enterprise-class PolyJet printers, the newest PolyJet system still provides the same exceptional resolution and detail as Stratasys J8 Series 3D printers, with models matching the shape, material, color, and finish of final products.

“My jaw dropped when I saw what the machine could do.

We can validate products faster with form, color, finish, graphics, everything. I’d love the J55 to be our secret strategic advantage, but I don’t think it will be a secret for long.”Tony Guard, Kinetic Vision

The Stratasys J55 is unique in operation, as it features a patented rotating build platform with a fixed print head. Besides engineered to maximize reliability and simplify maintenance, the technology also means enjoying greater output from a small footprint while also eliminating most sound – it’s about as quiet as a home refrigerator.

Patented Rotating Build Platform of J55
Patented Rotating Build Platform of Stratasys J55.

Tim Greene, a research director for 3D printing at global research firm IDC, expressed that the product design process needs to change for today’s world, where disruption is always around the corner.

“Designers can and should do a lot more prototyping in-house, from initial concept modeling to highly realistic final prototypes. It’s just been a matter of bringing enterprise quality to a design shop’s price point and workspace.

And now we’re there.”Tim Greene, Research Director at IDC

This earbud prototype and the packaging demonstrates how Stratasys J55 can enable quicker time-to-market while reducing costs.

Besides full CMF (color, material, finish) capabilities, the J55 also leverages on high-performance PolyJet materials, including a full range of textures, transparency with VeroClear (VeroUltraClear availability in late-2020), X-Rite-based color profiles and PANTONE Validated™ colors. Shipping for the J55 will begin from July 2020.

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