The Innovation Day 2018

Even though the implementation of 3D printing technology in Vietnam is still in its infancy, greater investment and subsequent implementation of it will undoubtedly speed up design innovations and popularize its adoption across industries and schools in preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Innovation Day 2018 was held by Creatz3D Viet Nam, the Vietnamese subsidiary of Creatz3D, at the Eastin Grand Hotel Saigon on 23 November, and was strategized to demonstrate and empower attendees with the essential 3D printing knowledge to determine the adoption for their respective companies.

Although 3D printing will never quite replace conventional manufacturing, they are increasingly becoming important in the general scheme of things when it comes to solving specific manufacturing challenges.

Apart from our extensive display of 3D printed plastic, metal, and ceramic parts, we also set up an informative R&D Findings Area that was put together by our application engineers, Ms. Chong Nijie and Mr. Cheong Zhisheng, after extensive research and work dating from the start of this year to validate the capabilities of the respective 3D printer brands such as Stratasys, Desktop Metal, SISMA, ARCAM, 3DCeram, DWS Systems, and so on.

Attendees viewing 3D printed samples
Attendees viewing 3D printed samples.

Attendees also got to bring home a mooncake door gift that was done with a local Vietnamese vendor, to show the applicability of 3D printed food molds. The molds were crafted using high-performance FDM thermoplastic, ULTEM1010™ CG resin, and is FDA approved in America for food-contact applications, either for low-volume or high-mix one-off production.

The Innovation Day 2018 was also graced by the presence of partner companies like Universal Robots who showed off their end-of-arm-tooling using 3D printed end-effectors, while Nikon demonstrated the capabilities of their 3D scanning software for the reverse engineering of parts for 3D printing.

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