The second installation of Singapore’s International 3D Printing Competitions is here!

Its back, and it is bigger!

2014 Singapore International 3D Printing Competitions

In 2013, Creatz3D was proud to have participated in NAMC (Nanyang Additive Manufacturing Centre) First Singapore International 3D Printing Competitions. Now they are back to launch their second installation of the Singapore International 3D Printing Competitions.

The total cash prizes is bigger and have now been increased to $40,000, according to sources from

As per the flow of the previous competition, there will be two themes in the competitions: jewellery and architecture. Both competitions only accept physical parts as submissions. The design should be submitted to NAMC by05 May 2014, leading up to yet another successful 3D printing Festival.

NAMC 3D Printing Competitions brochures


2014 Singapore International Jewellery 3D Printing Competition

Vanda Miss Joaquim, a hybrid orchid cultivar, is Singapore’s national flower. For her vibrant color, hardiness, resilience and year round blooming qualities, she was chosen in 1981 to represent Singapore’s uniqueness and hybrid culture. In this competition, we are looking for orchid-inspired jewellery pieces that are distinctive and pleasurably wearable.

Designing jewellery is an art of creating, crafting, fabricating or rendering designs for jewellery. With 3D printing, designers can now enjoy unlimited design freedom and the opportunity to engineer craftsmanship and fabricate unique jewellery pieces. In this competition, jewellery is defined as small decorative items such as necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings, earrings, and head or hair accessories.

2014 Singapore International Architecture 3D Printing Competition

Land has always been a precious resource in the island city-state, Singapore. Through careful planning and policies for conserving and recycling land, Singapore has shown success in ensuring sufficient land capacity and providing the necessary infrastructure to support the country’s long-term needs.

Looking into the future, innovative technological solutions are needed to increase Singapore’s land capacity for longer-term development needs, providing options for the future generations. In this competition, we seek designs for creative and new urban architecture for underground or between high-rise buildings. The architecture can be for dwelling, leisure or business purposes.

Inspired by the high quality submissions received in 2013, the total cash prizes have now been increased to $40000. Please see the following links for detailed rules and information on the 2014 Singapore International 3D Printing Competitions.



For more details, please click here.



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