‘Trends and Innovations in 3D Printing’ Workshop at Public Service Festival


With the aim of sharing technology and smart nation benefits, the Public Service Festival was a bustling hub of activity as organizations, institutions and businesses interacted with citizens. Held at Suntec Convention Centre from October 15th to 17th, the exhibition featured state-of-the-art technologies and innovative solutions that will revolutionize and impact the future.

As a solutions provider, Creatz3D is committed to the sharing of knowledge about 3D Printing Technology and informing the public about the various possibilities that can be achieved through its integration into the work process. As such, we were present at the Public Service Festival to conduct a workshop about the latest trends and innovations in the 3D Printing Industry.

Through the workshop, participants were not only able to gain a better understanding of the various uses of 3D Printing Technology across various industries but also their specific characteristics and properties as well. For instance, during the workshop, the different capabilities of PolyJet 3D Printing Materials were discussed in detail, including their ability to emulate the look, texture and feel of rubber-like, opaque, transparent and many more materials. Subsequently, participants could then better gauge the suitability of the materials for their desired part or product application and make more informed decisions.


In addition, we also shared about the numerous benefits of 3D Printing Technology when incorporated into the business workflow such as the facilitation of constant design iterations, decreased lead time, increased efficiency and many more. With the ability to easily and quickly carry out design iterations, businesses are then able to have more opportunities to experiment, innovate and create parts or products of better quality, thus benefitting them in the long run as well.

Asides from that, after the workshop ended, attendees also had the chance to view and touch the various 3D Printed models displayed while clarifying any questions they have towards 3D Printing Technology with our staff present on site, thus enhancing their overall comprehension and experience as a whole.

Creatz3D would like to thank all the participants of our workshop at the Public Service Festival. For more information about the different types of 3D Printing solutions and technologies that we offer, please proceed here. Alternatively, you can choose to contact us via email at info@creatz3d.com or (65) 6631 8555.

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