Twenty 3D Printers. Three Series. One Stratasys.

With the new Stratasys comes a stronger array of 3D printing products.


The Idea Series: Includes the Mojo and uPrint SE systems, which make 3D printing accessible for the individual designer or engineer, or small teams.

The Design Series is the broadest and most flexible series, where companies that may have some experience with rapid prototyping can take the service in-house and to a whole new level. Within the Design Series, precision solutions deliver amazing realism and offer multi-material printing, including transparent and rubber-like materials. Performance solutions offer durable ABSplus plastic for tough functional prototyping.

  • Precision solutions include the Objet24; the Objet30 Pro; the Objet Eden260, Eden350 and Eden500; the Objet260 Connex, Objet350 Connex and Objet500 Connex 3D printers; and the fabulous new Objet1000.
  • Performance solutions include the Dimension 1200es and the Dimension Elite 3D printers.

The Production Series targets manufacturers who want to rethink the factory, from the floor up, to become agile and cost-effective. These systems make direct digital manufacturing possible and support a range of powerful materials. The Production Series includes the Fortus 250mc, 360mc, 400mc and 900mc.

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