Uju Industry finds new growth market with Stratasys PolyJet technology

Uju Industry, a Korean-based company that specializes in the design and production of architectural models, has managed to find new growth markets with the adoption of Stratasys PolyJet technology.

The company traditionally relied on manual technicians for building the models but found it a challenge when they tried to break into new markets such as figurines and diorama miniatures.

Minatures by Uju IndustryYears ago, the company had received a peculiar order – build an apartment house model for fish in the shape of a dome with holes all over it. However, the company’s engineers found it impossible to do it manually because of the complexity and irregularity of the overall model.

This was when the company’s CEO, Yu Ju-yeong, decided to invest in 3D printing and their first was actually Digital Light Projector (DLP) systems. But it was a challenge to use them because of the laborious post-processing.

With the requirement of producing models with fine and elaborate details and eliminate laborious post-processing, Yu Ju-yeong settled on Stratasys Objet30 Pro which could print large models and with a layer size as low as 16 microns.

After experimenting with the different materials that Objet30 Pro could support such as VeroBlue, VeroGray, and so on, the company’s engineers discovered that VeroClear was the perfect material for architectural models, figurines, and miniatures because of its lamination thickness of 16 microns. “Using VeroClear, we can express even the gentlest curves and bends without leaving any fine grains,” explained Yu Ju-yeong.

Minatures by Uju IndustryA key to the company’s success is how they have come out with a design method to minimize post-processing. By printing each part separately and then assembling them together later, no support material is needed and the surface mode can be set to glossy at the highest level. Thus, even a large-volume, high-quality model can be printed with fine detailing which was perfect for their job.

These days, there is a growing craze for diorama minatures and design figurines from renowned artists are also being sold for big money. The acquisition of the Objet30 Pro has thus been a great addition for Uju Industry in general, especially with their limited manpower and cut down on repetitive work.

The fire extinguisher model, one of Uju Industry’s signature jobs, used to take as many as seven days to complete. Now with the Objet30 Pro humming in their office, the model is ready for review in just half a day.

Besides significant cost savings, the level of operational efficiency has greatly improved along with the ability to customize to meet customers’ changing needs with ease.

“Now, all you need to do is press the button,” smiled Yu Ju-yeong. “This greatly appeals to the model makers.”

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