VeroUltra raises the bar for Color 3D Printing

Known for setting the gold standard when it comes to color 3D printing, Stratasys is raising the bar again with the launch of VeroUltra that will give product designers breathtaking realism and graphic sharpness for prototyping projects.

Available in black and white color variants, VeroUltra can simulate high-quality opaque plastic parts, even for very thin parts. Printed text and labels on packaging are sharp enough to meet 2D graphic standards, while there is enhanced color contrast along with a significant realism boost in the simulation of natural materials such as wood, fabrics, and marble.

Before VeroUltra, accurate simulation of color, material, and finish, or “CMF,” has historically been a very expensive and time-consuming process.

But Stratasys has been gradually changing the equation year-on-year by introducing PANTONE validated colors, glass-like clarity possibility with VeroUltraClear, and even support for 3MF file format to streamline the design-to-print workflow so that modeling just takes a few clicks to print.

The color quality is superb. Stratasys’ opacity is by far the best I’ve seen from 3D printing, hands down, and it would be extremely difficult to replicate the quality through any other modeling method,” said Dennis Harroun, a part designer for Mana Digital, a US-based company that develops 3D-printed models for games, toys, jewelry, and the film industry.

With the new material being even more impossibly realistic compared to 2020, product designers can realize even more of their design ideas for prototyping applications such as bottle labels, mobile devices, back-lit screens and panels, and dolls. 

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