WEBINAR – Exploring 3D Printing Possibilities in Healthcare

3D printing has transformed the world and its application in the medical and healthcare industry, especially in the development and provision of medical solutions for pandemic situations.

Learn how the flexibility of 3D printing is changing the way medical devices and equipment are being manufactured for better patient care and filling the need for essential medical supplies during this COVID-19 situation.

We have lined up 2 webinars in the next couple of days for you.

21 May, Thursday, 2:30PM (SGT)

Metal 3D Printing Webinar:
How 3D Printing is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

  • Overview of the current metal additive industry.
  • Key benefits of 3D Printing from cost reduction to the production of end-use parts, and more.
  • Applicability of Desktop Metal and its technology for applications.
  • Interactive Q&A.

22 May, Friday, 10:30AM (SGT)

Plastic 3D Printing Webinar:
How 3D Printing is taking the fight to COVID-19

  • What we are doing in response to COVID-19.
  • What we have done with PolyJet technology.
  • The role of Digital Anatomy Solutions in follow-up education.
  • Interactive Q&A.

You are welcomed to sign up for both webinars. We hope to see you there.

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