WEBINAR – Leveraging 3D Printing for Medical Device Development

Join Stratasys and Creatz3D in a webinar as we share how 3D printing is empowering doctors, researchers, and medical device manufacturers to work faster, test more thoroughly and personalize care like never before.

Successful medical device manufacturers evidently understand themselves that additive manufacturing is not just for prototyping. But many do not know that 3D printing also adds value at every stage in the medical device value chain to seek a competitive edge in innovation, education, training, and so on.

Amid intensifying healthcare challenges like rising costs, an aging population, supply chain constraints, and in the wake of a COVID-hit year, we are at a tipping point where there is a growing impetus in driving innovation and adoption in the medical device industry with 3D printing to cope with demands.

Webinar Details:

25 Nov, Wednesday 2:30 PM (SGT)

  • Overview of Medical Manufacturing Market
  • Getting to Know the Certified Materials & Certified Processes for Medical 3D Printing
  • Understand the Software Behind It
  • How Reliable is Medical 3D Printing
  • Applications being used in Medical Device Industry
  • Introduction of what Creatz3D Does
  • Interactive Q&A Time

Acist Medical pursues prototyping perfection with Stratasys FDM technology

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