Republic Polytechnic Advanced Composite Materials Industry Forum 2014

2014-05-09 09:00 - 15:00

Republic Polytechnic Advanced Composite Materials Industry Forum 2014

Date: 05/09/2014
Start Time: 9:00 AM – End Time: 3:00 PM

Materials usage have come a long way in the manufacturing industry. More and more variations of materials have derived from a main material. For example, plastics have many different sub-categories under it, and you can find many different types of metals. There are also many different hybrid materials like alloys, mixture of materials and even simulating materials.

Come join us as we will be at Republic Polytechnic for the Advanced Composite Materials Industry Forum 2014. From 9 am to 3 pm, come to learn more about composite materials as the forum talks about topics like ‘Singapore’s Challenge to Develop Repairs for Modern Carbon Composite Aircraft’, “Current Trends in High-performance Composites and Applications For South East Asia”, “Recent Advances in Polymer Nanocomposites” and “Designing with Composite Sandwich Structures”.

Together with us, we have keynotes by Professor Geoff Gibson, Chair of Composite Materials Engineering, Newcastle University, UK. Joining Professor Geoff will be Dr. Florian Doetzer, Managing Director, Composite Cluster Singapore, Dr HongQian (Timothy) Bao, Principal Research Scientist, 3M Corporate Research Laboratory (CRPL), Singapore and more.

Come network with other professionals in the field at this event! There will also be Panel Discussions and a tour to the laboratory to see the latest technology available.

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