Industrial Metal 3D Printing in Singapore

With the ability to create parts efficiently with a high degree of precision, metal 3D printers have become a popular manufacturing tool in a growing number of industries. Not only can you print complex shapes and internal structures with a high degree of dimensional accuracy – you can also save time and labour which would otherwise be used in processes like welding.

The power of metal 3D printing in Singapore lies in the ability to produce complex and uniform part geometries with no change to the properties of those manufactured with conventional methods. Today, many companies in Singapore and around the world have transitioned to producing parts with the help of an industrial 3D printer. These machines utilise a wide range of materials such as metal or plastic, modifying entire workflows for the better.

Applications of a Metal 3D Printer

From functional prototyping to mass production, metal 3D printing is increasingly used across industries in Singapore and all around the world. One example is in the manufacturing of low-volume and specialty fittings, such as luxury bicycle frames and robotic parts. Other common applications include the production of functional metal prototypes that require material strength and density such as manufacturing tooling.

Metal 3D printing technology is also popular in niche markets like dental practices and jewellery designers. These companies benefit from having complete control over the shape and size of the finished product, and can be customised to suit individual needs.

3D metal printing requires virtually no tooling or use of complex machines, and can reduce production time. As a result of this innovation, designers and manufacturers are now capable of producing highly complex parts with a short turnaround time

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