As one of the most developed and rapidly expanding processes in the manufacturing sector, metal 3D printing technology is highly sought after by both small and medium enterprises. Metal 3D printing technology is a type of additive manufacturing process that uses metal materials to build three-dimensional objects layer by layer. This process involves the use of metal powders that are deposited and fused together using selective laser melting.

Metal 3D printing technology is incorporated into current supply chains to complement other manufacturing methods and is widely used in industries such as aerospace, automotives, and medical technology.


Selective Laser Melting is a highly flexible method of metal additive manufacturing that uses multi-laser beams and bidirectional powder recoating to produce structures with lightweight construction and premium part quality. It is capable of producing parts with high mechanical properties and can use a wide range of metal powders, including titanium, cobalt-chromium, and aluminium.

Benefits of Metal 3D Printing Technology

Metal 3D printing technology is an innovative production method that offers several advantages not available with traditional manufacturing processes. Allowing for complex, lightweight designs with greater accuracy, metal 3D printing technology has revolutionised the way businesses produce parts and components. 

With metal 3D printing technology, you can expect to gain these advantages enabled by a trusted 3D printing company like Creatz3D:

1. Cost Savings

Metal 3D printing technology can significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing complex parts. It eliminates the need for procuring costly tools and reduces material waste, as only the necessary amount of metal powder is used in the process. Additionally, the ability to print multiple parts in a single build reduces production time and costs.

2. Increased Production Rate

With metal 3D printing technology, it is possible to design, modify, and print parts in a matter of days, significantly reducing the prototyping and production cycle. This is particularly beneficial for businesses engaged in rapid prototyping, allowing you to quickly iterate designs and produce parts in a short time frame. Moreover, metal 3D printing technology also allows you to upscale as you can take on more projects while still being able to meet deadlines.

3. Customisation

Additionally, metal 3D printing technology enables customisation, which is a significant advantage for businesses looking to produce unique and distinct products. With metal 3D printing technology, it is possible to create custom parts or components that are otherwise unobtainable through traditional manufacturing methods. This means businesses can cater to specific customer needs or requirements and produce custom products that stand out in the market. The technology also enables the production of intricate and complex designs, further enhancing the customisation of parts. 

Incorporate Metal 3D Printing Technology into Your Processes

Companies of today are constantly seeking for a more cost-effective manufacturing process, and a quicker time to go to market for their products. While Plastic 3D Printing has been around for nearly three decades, there has been a big shift towards metal 3D printing in the past decade.

This is all down to the focus in the development findings of materials at a furious pace, and a growing demand from the automotive, defense, aerospace industries due to considerable metal usage in these commercial industries.

Our wide range of metal 3D printers utilises various state of the art technologies such as Selective Laser Melting. These metal 3D printing technologies enable you to work with specific sets of applications that cater to different business requirements while meeting industry standards. Contact us now to know more about how our printing services can help your business. Apart from metal 3D printing technology, we also have carbon fiber 3D printers and 3D printing software.