Industrial Metal 3D printers allow more efficient and effective production of precision metal parts or components in Singapore.

With SLM Solutions’ invention of the selective laser melting process, we have an integrated solutions provider as one of our metal additive manufacturing partners. The series of robust Selective Laser Melting machines optimise fast, reliable, and cost-efficient metal part productions. Reach out to us to get quote on our updated 3D printer price in Singapore!

In addition, a compact desktop series offering in the product line-up is the MakerBot METHOD X, which when paired with MakerBot LABS Gen 2 Experimental Extruder, allows you to print metals from qualified 3rd party filament makers.

Selective Laser Melting completely melts each layer into the previous layer with the use of high-power density laser to produce completely dense metal parts.

MakerBot LABS Gen 2 Experimental Extruder let you print metal on the MakerBot Platform starting with BSAF Ultrafuse 316L Stainless Steel with more to follow.