The Ultimate Software For Enabling Designs

Your Industry-leading data preparation and STL editor software for Additive Manufacturing. The Materialise Magics is a user-friendly data preparation software package and Stereolithography (STL) editor that is capable of guiding and optimizing additive manufacturing workflow.


Accurate Importing of Data Types & Formats

Simply import your 3D CAD file to fix and start your 3D design amendments from where you left off. The Magics Software System allows users to retain original color information data with ease.

File Repair Capabilities for STL File Errors

Ensure that your data is kept watertight with the Materialise Magics Software Repair Features, which includes wall thickness analysis and fixing bad edges, holes, and other errors made in original files.

Cutting-edge Build Tools

The Materialise Magics Modules are your ideal build platforms with superior tool capabilities for you to take control of key design needs, such as orientation, duplication, generating support for metal and Stereolithography parts, and 3D nesting for laser sintering components.

Smart Tools for Evaluation and Report

Generate accurate reports to meet quality standards and tolerances with the Magics software that allows you to measure parts, see 3D slides and detect collisions in your STL files.

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