Stratasys Printer Connectivity

MTConnect and Stratasys Connectivity SDK make it easy for you to harness the synergy of a connected 3D printing network. The result is a smart factory of networked machines that provide information for greater efficiency, continuous improvement, and reduced time to market.

Typical use cases include managing and optimizing printer operations using dashboards that let you see and control various aspects of printer operation. 

Connectivity SDK’s are compatible with Fortus printers, the F900, and F123 Series printers. MTConnect is available on Fortus 450mc, F900, and Fortus 900mc printers.



A manufacturing communication protocol that enables data to be extracted from a diverse range of manufacturing equipment such as 3D printers. Examples of data that can be extracted include production metrics, energy use, and equipment effectiveness.

Connectivity SDK

The API allows MES and ERP software applications to communicate with your printers to execute tasks such as scheduling print jobs and monitoring printer status. Can be used with MTConnect for complete two-way communication enabling printer control and collection of data.


Intelligent Monitoring

Gather important diagnostic and production information, so that you have more opportunities to improve and optimize them.

Integrate and Scale

Enjoy scalability and efficiency when deploying Stratasys printers thanks to close integration, as well as enabling new business paradigms.


Gain flexibility to choose the connectivity solution best suited to your needs. Typical capabilities include sending print tasks, changing print queues, and receiving streaming information.

Tap the full potential

With optimized printer diagnostics and maintenance, you can reduce your printer downtime while getting greater insights to optimize performance.

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