Stratasys F900

Versatile performance on an industrial scale

The Stratasys F900 3D Printer has ALL that the Fortus printers family has to offer, but on a bigger scale.

The ultimate manufacturing-grade production 3D printer – print with the greatest variety of engineering-grade materials to produce demanding functional prototypes, production parts, jigs, fixtures, and factory tooling with unmatched accuracy, repeatability, and predictability. Enjoy remarkable production agility and a high return on investment, only with the F900.

The only FDM printer on the market that is able to make certified parts for commercial airlines.

One system. Everything you need.


Reliability. Accuracy. Versatility.

Trusted by global industry leaders in manufacturing, the high-performance F900 3D printer sets the standard for reliable, accurate 3D printing. And whether you’re printing a full tray of complex parts or one large part, the F900 delivers accurate results, every time.

With support for 16 diverse materials ranging from engineering-grade thermoplastics to high-performance polymers, the F900 is suited for a variety of manufacturing applications.

Whether you’re printing jigs and fixtures, functional prototypes, or production parts, the F900 delivers the versatility and reliability you need to get it right the first time, every time.

GrabCAD Print - Performance and Speed

Complex parts. Simple systems.

Manage your printing projects more efficiently with integrated GrabCAD Print and Insight Software.

Print directly from CAD formats using smart default settings and tooltips. Access detailed views of models, trays, and slice previews.

Use Insight Software to fine-tune part performance and material use for greater cost efficiency.

Manufacturing Ready with F900

Is the Stratasys F900 is the best option for a manufacturing-ready 3D printer?

A true manufacturing-ready AM platform, learn in this White Paper how manufacturers are leveraging the F900’s capabilities in large-format printing to take advantage of opportunities that aren’t possible with conventional technology.

Also, discover how the F900 stands up against competing AM technologies.


Stratasys F900 3D Printer Specifications
914 x 610 x 914 mm (36 x 24 x 36 in.)
Two bays each for material and support canisters
0.330 mm (0.013 in.)
0.254 mm (0.010 in.)
0.178 mm (0.007 in.)
Soluble for most materials;
break-away for PC-ISO, ULTEM, and PPSF;
soluble or break-away for PC
2772 x 1683 x 2027 mm (109.1 x 66.3 x 79.8 in.)

with crate: 3287 kg (7247 lbs.)
without crate: 2869 kg (6325 lbs.)
Parts are produced within an accuracy of ± .127 mm (± .005 in.)
or ± .0015 mm/mm (± .0015 in/in), whichever is greater.
(Accuracy is geometry dependent. Achievable accuracy
specification derived from statistical data at 95% dimensional yield.)
10/100 base T connection; Ethernet protocol
230VAC nominal three-phase service with 5% regulation
230VAC as measured phase-to-phase; 50 Hz or 60Hz; 40 Amp circuit


GrabCAD Software

GrabCAD software is able to read most CAD file formats before generating tool paths including support structures.


Ability to scale 3D models
to desired size.

Optimum Control over orientation,
print parameters and material
assignments of your 3D printed model.

Automatic or custom packs
for multiple models and
assembled files in one build.

3D slicing preview
(For FDM 3D Printers).

Multi-language Support.

GrabCAD Voxel Print delivers unprecedented
user control over color and material placement.

insight software 3d printing

Insight Software

Insight software organizes your 3D CAD program STL output by automated slicing, generating support structures and creating material extrusion paths.

Users can manually edit parameters to establish the look, strength and precision of parts as well as the speed and material use of the FDM process.



Optimum build orientation for
maximum strength and
smooth surface finish.

Manipulate tool paths for
advanced control over part properties.

Customisable supports for
quick, easy removal and best
use of materials.

Control Center for communication
with user workstations
and Fortus 3D Printers.

Support Removal


For water-soluble support, the SCA-3600 dissolves support from large 3D models created on the Fortus 900mc 3D Printer.


Optimum nozzle & pump
designs for faster removal
of supports on all types
of 3D printed models.

Large build capacity to clean
large part, or multiple smaller
parts in its roomy tank
at a faster rate.

User-selectable temperature
presets for certain
material to be cleaned at
optimum temperatures.

Break-away support is easily removable by hand.