Having handled and operated the machines extensively daily, our team of Application, Sales, and Customer Support Engineers possess a wealth of experience and know-how that are not found in technical manuals and can fully grasp what clients will face when operating the 3D Printers and Dry Electropolishing System.

Our engineers will touch on the unique characteristics of our 3D printers and solutions to find a match that meet your business needs when you visit our showroom.

MakerBot Sketch

Designed to accelerate learning, design-thinking, or prototyping with reliable, tinker-free performance.

MakerBot Method X

Comes with a 110°C patented heated chamber that fills the gap between desktop and industrial 3D printing.

J55 Prime

Communicate your design ideas quicker and iterate often with the efficiency of the PolyJet 3D Printer.

stratasys 450mc 3d printer

Fortus 450mc

 Enjoy the speed and design freedom of advanced additive manufacturing designed for production.

stratasys f370 3d printer


An office-friendly industrial-grade 3D printer designed for the production of engineering-grade quality products.

J35 Pro

An affordable and versatile multi-material desktop PolyJet 3D Printer in a compact footprint for the shared office.

Origin One

Achieve excellent surface finishes for high-performance end-use parts with the unique P3™ Technology.

J750 3D printer is validated with the Materialise FDA-cleared software, with a selection of 8 different materials


Build multi-colored and texturally life-like models with fine details and vivid colors in a single print.

DLyte 100I

Grind and polish precious metals to a mirror-like finish using the world’s first dry electropolishing technology.

uPrint SE Plus

An entry-level professional desktop FDM 3D Printer for expanding creative horizons and design potential.

stratasys objet 30 pro 3d printer

Objet30 Pro

The Objet30 Pro 3D Printer is your high-end 3D Printer for high-resolution rapid prototyping needs.

Digital Wax DWS 020X

Desktop stereolithography 3D Printer that is ideal for the design phase of new products or industrial applications.