In addition to high-strength composites, F123CR printers give you the flexibility to print with other engineering thermoplastics to cover more use cases.
This multi-material capability offers the convenience of printing different jobs in different materials.
There’s no need for separate printers dedicated to composite and non-composite materials

Reliable and Consistant Composite 3D Printing

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A new game changing support material which dissolved using pure tap water without the need of a post processing equipment.

Print dimensionally accurate ABS parts with the ease of PLA. Print your parts with confidence in ABS-R and RapidRinse™,
drop your part into tap water, and watch the supports dissolve to nothing in just minutes.


The refreshed J55 Prime adds further value on top of the original J55 with new versatile materials that provide tactile, textual, and sensory capabilities in
addition to full-color PANTONE support. Coming in at the same affordable price point, the J55 Prime can print in multiple materials for design
verification prototypes, as well as functional models and biocompatible prototyping in an office-friendly compact footprint.


Print the full catalog of MakerBot Metals, Composites and Polymers with superior accuracy and strength in the 110°C heated chamber of
MakerBot METHOD X equipped with MakerBot LABS Gen 2 Experimental Extruder. BASF Ultrafuse 316L Stainless Steel
parts combine the next level strength, rigidity, and durability needed for end-use parts and manufacturing tools.


Introducing the economical and compact Stratasys J5 MediJet with multi-material and multicolor capabilities. Hospitals,
academic medical centers, and medical device companies can create brilliantly vivid anatomical models, drilling and cutting
guides that are sterilizable and biocompatible. All these in one platform and with a simplified 3D printing workflow.


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Our team believes in a collaborative, client-centric approach to understand your priorities, challenges, needs, and desired results with 3D printing.

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3D printing technology will enable companies with efficient production processes and get products to market in Singapore. Adopting a suitable 3D printing technology will speed up the production of prototype models, make replacement parts and even produce final objects.

Revolutionising industrial manufacturing, your choice of 3D printing solutions can develop high-quality metal, ceramic and resin components in a matter of hours. Starting with professional 3D printing software such as 3-Matic, Magics Reporting, and Mimics Innovation Suite, simply prepare your unique computer-aided design (CAD) model and send the file through your 3D printer for fabrication.

Make changes to your model, perfect your product and iterate it faster than ever to meet customers’ needs. Design, test and manufacture prototypes and end-use products with the latest 3D printing equipment at Creatz3D today.

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Creatz3D has strived since 2012 towards driving home the importance of industrial 3D printing and how additive manufacturing complements traditional manufacturing.

Having completed 200+ installed bases to date, our clients have benefited immensely in reducing costs and working more creatively.

Through our years of unmatched expertise in application development and 3D printing equipment, we have enabled commercial companies, educational institutions, and research facilities in Singapore to explore the capabilities of industrial 3D printers in-house.

Integrate 3D PrintingTechnology

Complement your manufacturing processes with 3D printing to produce parts that are hard to achieve through traditional methods and speed up your overall product development cycle. If you’re interested in buying 3D printers and ultimately localise your production processes in Singapore, you can do so seamlessly with the help of Creatz3D.

With more than 20 years of experience in the ever-evolving additive manufacturing field, our range of industrial 3D printing equipment can guarantee professional results. Check out our ongoing promotions to enjoy more cost savings when you order from us.

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