Making it safe for office without the use of lasers and loose powders often associated with Metal 3D Printing. The Desktop Metal Studio System+ is an
end-to-end solution which delivers seamless workflow from digital file to sintered part.


Deliver one step brilliant mirror-like finish and process complex geometries without leaving micro-scratches on metal parts.


Unleash your wildest imagination with the J750 that delivers unrivaled aesthetics to your brightest ideas and boldest ambitions. Enjoy unrivaled color
realism with Vivid Color materials which makes it easy to add very fine detailing, right down to the fine print on labels.


Creatz3D Ceramics is a service bureau that is dedicated to the development and production of functional ceramic parts for advanced
manufacturing, utilizing industry-leading ceramics 3D printing technology.


Engineered in conjunction with top researchers and manufacturers, BioMimics eliminates restrictions commonly associated with the use of animal,
mannequin, or cadaver models. Armed with the unrivaled realism of BioMimics, researchers, educators, and manufacturers can validate new ideas
long before clinical trials, or demonstrate innovations to the skilled physicians who rely on them.


GrabCAD Print simplifies the traditional 3D print preparation workflow from anywhere via desktop or mobile and provides business intelligence
reports around printer usage so that your team can get quality prints faster.


GrabCad Print

Singapore’s Prominent 3D Printing Company

Since our founding in 2012, Creatz3d has prided itself on being a pioneer in bringing innovative 3D printing solutions and printers to Singapore. At Creatz3D, we have the experience and expertise as an established 3D printing solutions leader in Singapore, having worked with more than 150 professional installed bases from commercial companies to research facilities and many more.

At Creatz3D, we think along and create collaborative relationships with our clients with the focus and passion of an innovator, and to not just do it better, but to also broaden the usage of 3D printing with our knowledge over traditional manufacturing methods in all industries across Singapore.

Today, Creatz3D is a constant presence at prominent trade shows and seminars, as well as conducting workshops, to help inspire and realize exciting 3D printing solutions with our clients in Singapore.

Unparalleled innovation and design freedom await with 3D printing, with no limits.

What is 3D Printing Technology?

3D printing, also known as Rapid Prototyping (RP) or Additive Manufacturing (AM), is a manufacturing process using 3D printers to additively build or form 3D parts layer by layer from 3D computer-aided design (CAD) data.

3D printing solutions aren’t just restricted to producing prototypes. Rather, the use of 3D printing can be used as a total solution from idea design to end product. Transforming the way how items are designed, manufactured and distributed in a number of key industries.

3D printing makes it possible to take more risks, derive customized solutions, lead time reduction and time to market, as well as reducing waste in comparison to traditional manufacturing.

In Singapore specifically, 3D printing solutions are used in a wide range of industries to allow companies to turn ingenious ideas into successful end products quickly and efficiently. All of these benefits make 3D printing technology a compelling investment for many industries.

Your Professional 3D printing solutions provider in Singapore

Creatz3D is dedicated to offering high-quality metal, plastic and ceramic 3D printing systems across Singapore that suit any design, engineering or prototyping environment.

Throughout the manufacturing process from idea design to end product, we have a team of application engineers who have years of accumulated experience to assist with the possibilities of 3D printing integration.

Be it installation, off-/on-site servicing or training programs, you can count on our stellar post-sales support staff to help you out.

Deciding where to buy 3D printer from, can be exhausting. At Creatz3D, our expert team is highly committed in empowering our clients with the knowledge to make the most out of our industry-leading 3D printing technologies.

Every client matters, at Creatz3D.

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Post-sales support in the form of installation, off/on-site servicing and training programmes are handled by our team of certified customer service engineers.


Get up close with our 3D printers and experience first-hand 3D printing technology. Our team will also introduce the benefits of the individual 3D printers to you, and explore how to enhance your business workflow with additive manufacturing.


Workshops and seminars are conducted for people who are interested to know more about 3D printing.