Stereolithography 3D printers from DWS offer high resolution and high accuracy detailed components with the unique advantage that the innovative BluEdge laser shoots from underneath through the transparent resin tank. This innovation reduces the need for large vats of resin and allows rapid switching of materials between builds.


Stereolithography is an additive manufacturing technology based on a process of photo-polymerisation for laser-sensitive resins or liquid materials. The object is formed as each of its layers solidifies instantly under the laser beam. This system overcomes all the obstacles posed by traditional technologies in the manufacture of complex, hollow or undercut objects.


Produce high-quality, high-resolution precision models: realistic models, concept models, functional prototypes, and prototypes of consumer products with DWS 3D Printers that were developed to provide the highest levels of productivity and quality.

Obtain high precision of objects produced for every application, thanks to the wide range of in-house materials that DWS has developed specifically for their 3D printers: ABS-like, polypropylene-like, rubber-like, and transparent materials, nanoceramic resins, materials for investment casting models and silicone moulding masters and many more.


Fusia Series, Therma Series, Vitra Series, Flexa Series, Precisa Series, and more.

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Stereolithography 3D Printers

High accuracy and detailed prints from DWS 3D Printers make them ideal to meet the demands of the jewellery, dental and industrial 3d printing markets.

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