Plastic materials


FDM thermoplastics, which are known for their strength, durability, and ease of use, are a type of material used in 3D printing that can be melted and extruded in a filament form. The filament is then used to build an object layer by layer using a Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printer. FDM thermoplastics are available in a range of materials, each with its own properties and applications.


PolyJet digital materials are used in 3D printing to create objects with high detail and resolution. They are ideal for producing prototypes, product designs, and parts with complex geometries, offering a range of properties such as transparency, flexibility, and biocompatibility.



MakerBot materials are designed specifically for use with MakerBot 3D printers and come in a range of specialty materials. These materials are known for their quality, reliability, and ease of use, making them ideal for producing high-precision objects for a variety of applications, including prototyping, product design, and production.


DWS resin is a photopolymer material used in 3D printing to produce high-resolution objects with intricate details. It is ideal for producing prototypes, moulds, and models with a range of properties such as transparency, flexibility, precision, detail, durability and biocompatibility.


Stratasys Origin One resin is a high-performance photopolymer material used in 3D printing to produce objects with high accuracy and resolution. It is suitable for producing prototypes, end-use parts, and complex geometries with a range of properties such as toughness, rigidity, and clarity.

3D Printing Materials in Singapore

3D Printing has long been known to support the creation of prototypes and the manufacturing of specific parts for a varied range of applications in a cost-efficient and time-effective manner. Of the popular materials utilised in 3D printing processes, the malleable plastic is highly sought after. This is mainly due to its affordability, versatility, water-resistance, and ease of manufacture. Depending on the application and properties best suited for a part or product, there are various types of 3D printing materials to leverage as well.

From fast, affordable concept modeling to detailed, super-realistic rapid prototyping to functional end-use applications, companies in Singapore can accomplish their design or engineering objectives with the widest range of materials in the 3D printing industry that include:

  • Industrial Grade 3D Printer Materials for prototyping/functional applications
  • Resins for production of aesthetically looking full colour parts

Find The Right Plastic 3D Printing Material for Your Application

Narrowing in on the appropriate 3D printing material to achieve an intended outcome can be a challenging process. However, regardless of the plastic 3D printer application, Creatz3D offers tailored solutions that meet specific needs and match your application. Be it concept models, jigs, fixtures, manufacturing tooling, or functional prototypes, we carry 3D printing materials in our extensive library of resins. Since Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)Polyjet technology, and Stereolithography (SLA) are the common plastic 3D printing technologies that our 3D printing brand partners are renowned for, we offer printing materials that complement these technologies. From FDM materials to polyjet printing materials like Agilus 30, Creatz3D has a broad portfolio of 3D printing solutions.

Expand Your 3D Printing Capabilities with Creatz3D

Redefining innovation, Creatz3D has had an established presence in the 3D printing industry in Singapore for years. By pushing boundaries and striving to deliver tailored printing solutions, our customers can easily bring their design ideas to life. From industrial plastic 3D printers from Stratasys, MakerBot and DWS to 3D printing materials, we have specialised materials and solutions with top-notch properties that allow for the printing of complex designs and parts. For more information on Creatz3D and our services, browse our FAQ page or contact us for pricing and demo details.