Innovate, accelerate, and discover

Power your next research breakthrough and accelerate innovation with advanced PolyJet software solutions.

Whether you need to produce small inserts, hydraulic channels, moving parts, or experimental parts, Stratasys PolyJet Research Software Package will give you the tools, flexibility, and support you need to elevate your research.

With features such as the GrabCAD Parameter Editor, Liquid and Air Printing, Pause & ResumeZ Start, and Advanced Voxel Print, you can power your ability to customize and push the boundaries of new ideas with additive manufacturing.

Compatible with J7/J8 Series printers (excl. J700/J720).


Air Voids, Embedded electronics, Pause Resume, and Liquid Print in one print.

Extend your modeling capabilities

Reduce prototyping time by producing liquids, solids, and embedded parts in a single print. Enable functional prototyping with hermetically sealed models that protect electronics and liquid flow.

Easily explore geometries for liquid flow to accelerate your design process and time to market.

Print a pathway to innovation

Produce innovative and creative work — including embedded electronics, microfluidics, soft robotics, and more — in a wide range of fields.

Plus, promote progress that leads to recognition and enhances industry partnerships with capabilities that no other additive manufacturing solution can provide.

Lab on a Chip | SLU

Control on the voxel level

Define data volumetrically for each 3D voxel throughout the entire model with GrabCAD Print Voxel software. With an advanced level of control at a microscopic scale, you can enable higher resolutions, fine-tuned color placement, and shore value transitions within one part.

Experiment with PolyJet

Push the limits of your research with the Stratasys J Series 3D printers featuring PolyJet technology. With a system that offers more material and software capabilities, go beyond your imagination to realize the impossible.

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Case Study | Bringing Innovation to 3D Printing

“The challenge has always been how to get liquid inside the intricate inner channels that are only hundreds of microns big. With the ability to 3D print across a variety of materials, including air and liquid, my lab has been able to create soft robots with very advanced functionalities.”

Rob MacCurdy Professor, University of Colorado – Boulder

Learn how Professor Rob MacCurdy is utilizing a combination of different materials to 3D print complex structures and functionalities in his 3D printed robots with the Stratasys Research Package.