stratasys polyjet photopolymers

Numerous Material Options for 3D Printing

With an impressive variety of material options, create 3D printed models with multiple material properties. PolyJet Digital Materials technology is able to blend 2-3 base resins to make over 1,000 composite materials with specific and predictable properties.

PolyJet materials also expands your imaginative possibilities for prototypes of exceptional end-product realism. Expect a variety of hues, translucencies, Shore A values and other properties that will impressively meet your business needs.


Material Highlights

Agilus 30

  • Superior tear-resistance, capable of withstanding repeated
    flexing and bending
  • Shore A value of 30 allows material to simulate rubber-like products
  • Common applications include Medical Models, Toolings that require rubber-like characteristics, Consumer and Sporting Goods, General Prototyping and over holding applications
  • Available in clear, black, and white variants

    System Compatibility:
    Stratasys J8 Series | J4100

  • MED610, MED620 and MED625FLX

  • Ideal for medical and dental applications
    requiring precise visualization and patient contact
  • Suitable for over 30 days of skin contact and
    up to 24 hours of mucosal membrane contact
  • MED610 and MED620 are also appropriate for
    up to 24 hours of bone/skin contact

    System Compatibility:
    Objet30 V5 Prime | J4100

  • Digital ABS Plus

  • Enhanced mechanical performance of impact strength
  • Simulates ABS plastics by combining strength with
    high temperature resistance
  • Dimensional stability for thin-walled parts

    System Compatibility:
    Stratasys J8 Series | J4100
  • DraftGrey

  • High-Speed concept modeling material
  • Print at 2x the speed with 57 microns layer thickness
  • Cheapest and fastest way to model for prototyping

    System Compatibility:
    Stratasys J55 | Stratasys J8 Series | J4100

  • Durus

  • Simulated polypropylene material
  • Exhibits great impact resilience and an elongation at break of 44%.
  • Offers a wide range of material properties, from rigid to flexible,
    opaque to transparent

    System Compatibility:
    Objet30 V5 Pro and Prime

  • High Temperature

  • Exceptional dimensional stability for thermal functional testing
  • Combine with PolyJet rubber-like materials to produce varying Shore A values, gray shades and temperature parts with overmolding
  • Ideal for form, fit and thermal functional testing, high-definition models requiring excellent surface quality, exhibition models that endure strong lighting conditions, taps, pipes and household appliances, hot air and hot water testing

    System Compatibility:
    Objet30 V5 Pro and Prime

  • RGD720

  • Translucent, multi-purpose PolyJet photopolymer for
    clear plastics simulation
  • Offers high dimensional stability and surface smoothness
  • Ability to blend with other materials for a range of opacities,
    hues, and hardnesses
  • Most often used for form and fit evaluation to visualize
    the placement and interface of internal components and features

    System Compatibility:
    Objet30 V5 Prime | Stratasys J8 Series | J750 Digital Anatomy Printer

  • Rigur

  • Simulate the appearance and functionality of Polypropylene
  • Offers durability and a smooth finish
  • Rapidly create models to test form, fit and function for snap-fit assemblies, living hinges, and durable housings and packaging

    System Compatibility:
    Objet30 V5 Pro and Prime | J4100

  • Tango

  • Offers various levels of elastomer characteristics
  • Combine with rigid materials for a variety of Shore A values, from Shore A 27 to Shore A 95
  • Ideal for rubber surrounds and overmolding, soft-touch coatings and non-slip surfaces, knobs, grips, pulls, handles, gaskets, seals, hoses, footwear, exhibition and communication models

    System Compatibility:
    Objet30 V5 Prime | Stratasys J8 Series | J4100

  • Vero

  • Multi-purpose, multi-color Vero photopolymers offer strength, stiffness, and versatility in blue, white, black, gray, cyan, magenta and yellow
  • Offers excellent detail visualization with strength, a key component in realistic prototypes
  • Produce smooth, accurate prototypes, surgical models, moving and assembled parts, jigs, fixtures, and manufacturing tooling

    System Compatibility:
    Objet30 V5 Pro and Prime | Stratasys J8 Series | J4100

  • VeroClear

  • Print clear and tinted parts and prototypes with VeroClear™
  • Combine with color materials for stunning transparent shades
  • Ideal for form and fit testing of see-through parts like glass, consumer products, eyewear, light covers and cases, visualization of liquid flow, medical applications, artistic and exhibition modeling

    System Compatibility:
    Objet30 V5 Pro and Prime | Stratasys J55 | Stratasys J8 Series
    J4100 | J750 Digital Anatomy Printer

  • VeroFlex, VeroFlexVivid

  • Offers a unique combination of stiffness and flexibility ideal for all prototyping phases of eyewear design and manufacturing
  • Full-part realism in a wide range of colors, textures and materials from opaque to transparent for improved performance testing
  • For brighter colors, try the VeroFlexVivid Colors - VeroFlexVivid-Magenta, VeroFlexVivid-Yellow, and VeroFlexVivid-Cyan

    System Compatibility:
    Stratasys J8 Series

  • VeroUltraClear

  • Transparent PolyJet Digital Material
  • Simulates acrylic, achieving 95% light transmission of that material
  • Improves upon the past performance of VeroClear with a higher level of clarity, transparency and a lower yellow index
  • Typical applications include packaging prototypes, eyewear or lighting component prototypes, medical or manufacturing applications

    System Compatibility:
    Stratasys J8 Series

  • VeroVivid

  • Vivid translucent color materials for prototyping and parts
  • Simulate over 500,000 colors and unlimited tints to provides unique full-color capabilities to prototypes of all kinds
  • Create color in multiple shore values, simulating finishes, creating realistic packaging, or life-like medical parts
  • Pantone Validated™

    System Compatibility:
    Stratasys J8 Series

  • VeroUltra

  • Very high opacity
  • Excellent contrast in combination with other colors
  • Very sharp text and graphics with Black or Vivid Colors
  • Rigid and durable

    System Compatibility:
    Stratasys J55 | Stratasys J8 Series