3D Printing Applications Applications in Dental Processing

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Applications of digital dentistry, surgical guides and the innovation of clear aligners printing get a significant upgrade with the capabilities of 3D printing. Production steps that were traditionally prone to discrepancies are reduced, while the streamlining of your dental work-flow is improved.

3d printing applications in dental processing


Digital Dentistry

A seamless workflow that is free from error or time lag is crucial for the efficient delivery of dental services. With digital dentistry, Stratasys dental solutions can deliver satisfactory values of accuracy and speed to dental processes.

By utilizing oral scanning, CAD/CAM design, and 3D printing, dental labs can accurately and rapidly produce crowns, bridges, stone models, and orthodontic appliances without worrying about bottlenecking of manual modeling.

Improving Surgical Guides

With 3D printing, you can enhance your pre-surgical planning and verifications for interoperative positioning. 3D printed guides possess impressive precision in detail, giving dental specialists an additional dimension of analysis for their pre-surgical planning.

The 3D models are also compatible with CT scanners, and their data can be converted to STL format to kick start surgical dental planning.

FDM materials also ensure parts that are resilient in terms of thermal and strength properties. Thus, you can gain products that are resistant to induced damage, dimensionally stable, and are comprehensively user-friendly.

Dental Molds For Clear Aligners

Skip the hassle of messy pouring, cutting, and trimming in creating molds for aligners. Stratasys dental solution is able to complement leading intraoral scanners and software to guarantee predictable and repeatable results that provide perfect fit and occlusion.

The durable VeroDent™ material used by Stratasys 3D printers is also beneficial for accelerated production, greater accuracy, and reduction in manual post-process curing and finishing.