Jigs and fixtures

Direct Manufacturing Solutions for the Supporting Parts You Need

Manufacturing industries heavily rely on jigs and fixtures to ensure consistency in quality and efficiency for all stages in production and inspection.

By 3D printing your jigs and fixtures, you can streamline your workflow from manufacturing tools to actual production in a more seamless manner, and gain lead time reduction by a quarter while lowering costs by half.

Also gain greater inventory control by doing in-house 3D printing on demand, to eliminate cost of storage and inventory control.



Improve your product quality and the support for your agile manufacturing of jigs and fixtures. 3D printing can help you simplify your assembly processes by creating holding devices, dunnage trays, kits, guides, and templates for fixturing at a faster and more cost-effective rate.

End-effector Tooling

3D printing and digital 3D modeling systems grant you total control over regulations of material density, consolidate gripper, fixture components, and many more.

Gain the benefit of reduced lead times for wear and tear repair with the fast printing capabilities of the plastic 3D printers, as well as the guarantee of lower end-effector weight in the 3D printed tooling for delayed wear and tear.


Enable a more seamless production with minimum need for maintenance, by customizing protective guards and covers that are tough and impact resistant. 3D printing materials such as FDM Nylon 12 have been tested to be resilient in testing conditions on the production floor.

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health and safety

Health and Safety Guarantee

The use of light thermoplastic jigs and fixtures, instead of traditional metal tools, can prevent strain on your operators by improving worker safety and comfort. Jigs and fixtures can also be customized with 3D printing systems to include modeling for hand-held assembly tools. This in turn promotes better ergonomics for your business.

Quality Control Enhancement

Back up your quality-control process and reduce the cost of inspection templates with 3D printed part-specific tools, cradles, text-fixture components, and measurement aids. Multi-material 3D printing capabilities allow you to add non-slip or static dissipative materials that won’t wear down finished surfaces or damage sensitive components.

packaging and logistics

Packaging and Logistics

Streamline the movement of parts within your facility or during shipment. Create customizable dunnage trays, kits, and boxes to enhance the portability of components required for transportation.