METAL 3D PRINTING with SLM Solutions

SLM Solutions are the inventors of the laser powder bed fusion process, the first to offer multi-laser systems and all selective laser melting machines to offer patented quality, safety and productivity features.

Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology is widely used in various domains of industry including aerospace, automotive, medical as well as in the manufacturing of consumer goods.

SLM technology is able to achieve great possibilities in the additive manufacturing of metal-based parts.


Optimally paired with SLM Solution’s software, powder and quality assurance products, the SLM technology makes way for new geometric possibilities which can support lightweight construction, integrate internal cooling channels or reduce the time needed to market products.


The quality of the SLM technology is most convincingly showcased with a physically 3D-printed part. In addition, the application engineering team is ready to discuss the different process parameters, part designs and powder qualifications to assist businesses in achieving their goals. 

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