SLM Technology Materials

SLM Solutions provides a range of high quality powders and unique parameter sets to guarantee SLM Solutions are able to meet your production needs at peak performances. Because the properties of the metal powder utilised by SLM® machines affect the achievable results, SLM Solutions has established a powder division in 2016 to supply customers with materials that ideally fit selective laser melting machines for qualified serial productions.

Customised Metal AM Applications

The secret to SLM Solutions’ success in supporting so many industries lies with their open architecture platform. Open architecture puts you in control to customise SLM® machines to fit your metal AM applications.

Powder Variability – You are free to choose your powder for all machines. SLM Solutions carries a variety of metal alloy powder but the machines also allow you to use powder from your favorite supplier for maximum flexibility.

Open Process Parameters – Like any metal AM machine, SLM® machines come ready-to-print with standard parameters set. However, open architecture means you have access to open process parameters with full control of the parameters in the build processor and material development module.

Variable Control – There is a total system variable control, at all levels, to suit your requirements.

Designed with Your Safety in Mind

Door-integrated glove boxes on all machines eliminate direct contact of powder by operators and maintains powder quality. This holistic powder-handling approach also implements a double-valve system on all powder bottles and hoppers. This is to ensure the complete separation of operator from the exposed powder.

Powder Selection

SLM Solutions’ metal powder portfolio currently encompasses 16 specific alloys from 6 alloy families. High-quality part production is directly correlated to the quality of the metal powder used.

ALUMINIUM-BASED ALLOYSMaterial Characteristics
  • Very good corrosion resistance
  • Good electrical conductivity
  • High dynamic toughness
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • TITANIUM-BASED ALLOYSMaterial Characteristics
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • High specific strength
  • High cycle fatigue strength
  • High toughness

  • NICKEL-BASED ALLOYSMaterial Characteristics
  • High strength
  • Good ductility
  • Excellent oxidation resistance at high temperatures
  • COBALT-BASED ALLOYSMaterial Characteristics
  • Exceptional biocompatibility
  • Heat resistant
  • Resistance to thermal fatigue
  • Oxidation resistance
  • IRON-BASED ALLOYSMaterial Characteristics
  • Very good corrosion resistance
  • High strength under elevated temperatures
  • High ductility
  • COPPER-BASED ALLOYSMaterial Characteristics
  • Balanced combination of electrical and thermal conductivity
  • High wear resistance
  • High corrosion resistance, in particular to stress corrosion cracking