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With its unique properties such as excellent wear resistance and its ability to withstand ultra-high temperatures, technical ceramics is now highly sought after.

The properties of ceramic make it a highly used material in many forms of luxury goods. The benefits of ceramic are amplified with the introduction of ceramic 3D printing, and their versatility means more and more luxury houses, watchmakers, jewellers, and wide luxury market players, in general, are starting to embrace this technology.

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Replacing Traditional Processes

With the expertise of 3DCeram in ceramic 3D printing technology and its ceramic 3D printing machine CERAMAKER, we can combine the advantages of ceramics with the benefits of 3D printing. In the luxury goods industry, ceramic 3D printing is able to do away with the need of creating a mold. Exceedingly complex shapes previously unachievable can now be made which represents an upgrade on traditional methods of making ceramic products.

Luxury application image
Luxury application image

Creativity and Customisation

With the ability of being able to design the ceramic products digitally before printing it, the possibility for new designs are endless. The designer can free his creativity and see the fruits of his imagination take on a physical form in a very short time.

Ceramic 3D printing also enables the production of functional prototypes or production of single or small series parts. This represents a huge advantage gained by the design department of many luxury houses in terms of the responsiveness if they want to alter their designs. New product prototypes can also be made quickly.

Exceptional Material Properties

Ceramic is unalterable, hypoallergenic and provides a silky texture to touch. It is also more robust than most surface treatments currently available. As such, these existing qualities when combined with its similarity to onyx or mother of pearl depending on its colour and polished finish, has attracted the attention and interest from renowned jewellers and watchmakers alike.

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