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Dental Applications

Another ideal industry for using metal 3D printing is in the dental applications field where it allows for the expediting of dental work processes and seamless production of dental models and products.

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Perfect Fit at Low Cost

By using intraoral scanners to scan a patient’s mouth, build accurate dentures, dental models, and prostheses such as crowns and bridges that fit perfectly based on scan measurements.

Furthermore, it is a fast and contactless process that leads to less pain on sensitive areas of the patient’s mouth and reduces production costs.

dental application image
dental application image


With the high precision of metal 3D printing technology, no finishing procedures are required on the 3D printed dental model, making it a convenient and time-saving process.

Strength and Quality

Dental appliances produced through metal 3D printing are firm, strong, durable, and detailed due to multiple materials with different properties being able to be incorporated into the printing process.

Such convenient and personalized customization ability that is capable of producing quality dental appliances while being more comfortable for the patient, is the reason why metal 3D printing is the future of dental appliance production.

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