3D printing explained in 37 Seconds!

We just put this short video together to visually explain 3D printing. We managed to get it down to 37 seconds – using minimal text explanations.

It spans the typical product design process starting from the initial product concept or idea that a designer would sketch on paper, to the CAD design stage; through to 3D printing that produces a functional model that can be tested and validated in your hands.

The gear-cube in the film was chosen for 3 reasons:
1. It’s simply a very cool model! (I’ve got another video of it in action here – 3D printed in clear transparent material.)

2. It shows how 3D printing creates a ready-assembled model/product in a single production step (ie. no assembly line)

3.It shows the unique advantage of multi-material 3D printing which lets you to assign different material/color properties to different parts of the finished model.

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