“ 3D Printing and the Future Now ”, organized by the Design Incubation Centre team.

3D Printing and the Future Now, 1st August.

Creatz3D was at the School of Design & Environment, NUS last Thursday for the event “3D Printing and the Future Now”, organized by the Design Incubation Centre team.

It was an opportunity created by Design Incubation Centre to gather different people from various domains and expertise for an active discussion. The meeting of like-minded individuals has allowed ideas, insights and collaborations to spark off, while gaining a deeper understanding of this new realm of 3D printing and what the future of it holds for us.

The event started with folks from all over Singapore’s 3D printing industry and community admiring the different 3D printed parts, arts, and samples from the different available technologies. It was a spontaneous mingling and networking session with the appearances of familiar faces within the circles. Everyone was eager to share their new applications, technological breakthroughs, and latest developments in the industry.

A welcoming speech by the Director of DIC, Patrick Chia started the ball rolling with a design-oriented approach. Creativity was the key in his presentation, with constant focus on the need for consistently fresh, out of the box ideas to overcome design challenges.

Five other speakers took their turns on the presentation stage, providing valuable insights in the different aspects of the 3D printing industry. Below were the keynote speakers for the day, their presentation slides can be found here.

  • Patrick Chia, Director of DIC
  • Clement Zheng, Teaching Assistant at Division of Industrial Design
  • Hanyang Leong, Founder of Funbie Studios
  • Ian Gibson, Associate Professor at NUS EDIC
  • Kelvin Ong, CEO of Focus Tech Ventures
  • Dr Murugesan Sethu, Senior Manager at NUS Industry Liaison Office

With the final open Q and A session addressed to the speakers, the event came to a close with a trailing note that left everyone pondering on the 3D printing industries and its opportunities, market and technology.

Creatz3D was glad to have attended the “3D Printing and the Future Now” seminar. We are looking forward to a growing maker culture in Singapore, as well as the increasing adoption rate of 3D printing in an ever expanding spectrum of industries.

More information can be found at:

FunbieStudio blog
Design Incubation Centre

[Photos courtesy of NUS DIC]




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