Get a 3D printed model of your fetus

Expecting couples often can get an ultrasound scan and a black-and-white printout showing what their future child is going to look like. But Japanese medical 3D printing firm Fasotec comes up with a service of “Shape of an Angel”, providing a 3D printed miniature of a belly baby.

Working with Parkside Hiroo Ladies Clinic in Mintao-ku, Tokyo, the firm first photographed the fetus using MRI scan. The 3D model is then processed using special 3D software and sent to a 3D printer. Using clear resin for the mother’s body and white resin for the fetus, the 3D printer can construct the model exactly the same position and appearance as it does in the mother’s uterus.

The model showed in the photo weighs 200g and is printed from a 3D model of a 8 month’ fetus.

A printout with a regular 90 x 60 x 40 mm model will cost parents 100,000 yen (US $1,230) price. But it comes with a lovely white jewelry box – Amusingly, yes, only in Japan.

Source: ITmedia

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