Meet Moddler, the two-man 3D printing shop with a $250,000 printer (video)

3D printing is fast becoming a profitable industry, not to mention a fascinating hobby.

Moddler, a custom 3D printing shop that has done work for artists, toy makers, medical device makers, student, architects, and even the movie industry (some of its 3D objects were used in Men in Black 3).

In this video, founder John Vegher describes how the 3D printing process works, shows off his $250,000 Objet Eden 500V printer, and gives us a look at some of the amazingly detailed objects that his company has produced.

The San Francisco-based company can create almost any object: You just send it the CAD files, Vegher and his co-worker ensure that it will work with the printer, and then they send the file to the printer for an overnight printing job. Afterwards, they clean the object, dry it off, pack it, and ship it to you.

Most of the objects Moddler prints are done in plastic resin, but new kinds of 3D printing processes are on their way. “You can print in glass, ceramics, metal … and those processes are getting more and more refined,” Vegher says.

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