Metal 3D Printing Technology

Companies of today are constantly seeking for a more cost-effective manufacturing process, and a quicker time to go to market for their products. While Plastic 3D Printing has been around for nearly three decades, there has been a big shift towards metal 3D printing in the past decade.

This is all down to the focus in the development findings of materials at a furious pace, and a growing demand from the automotive, defense, aerospace industries due to considerable metal usage in these commercial industries.

Our wide range of metal 3D printers utilizes various state of the art technologies such as Laser Metal Fusion and our latest advanced offerings – NanoParticle Jetting, Bound Metal Deposition, and Single Pass Jetting.

These metal 3D printing technologies enable you to work with specific sets of applications that cater to different business requirements while meeting industry standards.

Works similar to how FDM works, it extrudes bound metal rods and builds a “green” part layer by layer. The primary binder is then debinded before it is sintered in a furnace.

Single Pass Jetting

Two powder spreaders and one print unit work in tandem to both spread metal powder onto the build area and print in a single pass with no wasted motion.

Fast and effective metal 3D printing technology that utilizes a powerful laser beam to produce industrial-grade working components and end-use parts.

Precise down to the nano-particle level to create accurate and intricate parts, this industrial grade solution works for both metal and ceramics materials.