PTC Solutions Day 2014 – Post Event

Another successful event in collaboration with PTC!

PTC Solutions Day 2014, held last Friday at Intercontinental Singapore, is an annual event that aims to provide participants and stakeholders with relevant information regarding product development trends in their industry as well as innovative software learning experiences.

Over 150 participants from various industries including the Government, Engineering industry, and Education field attended this celebrated event. During the event, participating companies come together to provide valuable insights and solutions to business processes and also to share new technologies capable of transforming work processes that allow business to achieve increased productivity. Organizing the event was PTC distributor, PD Solutions, Creatz3D’s collaborating partner. The other exhibitors also demonstrates a solution based workflow, from 3D Scanners, Computer Hardware and other system integrators.

With the increased general awareness and interest on 3D printing, various commercial and industrial entities are keen and starting to explore how 3D printing can solve and improve work processes and workflow. The rising demand for advanced applications of 3D printing such as metal sheet forming, jigs and fixture manufacturing and the use of Bio-Compatible Materials have also made 3D Printing technology appealing as industries are now looking into translating their CAD designs into tangible 3D printed models.

Creatz3d is pleased to be able to share our expertise and technology with participants from various industries and would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation for all participating professionals.


Creatz3D would also like to extend our thanks to all attendees of PTC Solutions Day 2014 for making it a huge success. It was an excellent experience for us to witness higher uptake on the interest of 3D Printing. Thank you for allowing us to share the trends and technologies with you!

We look forward to seeing the participants again in 2015!

Contact us for information on solutions 3D Printing Technology can bring to your work processes.

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