Stratasys and nTopology join forces to automate fixture design

Stratasys and nTopology have announced that they are working to make the design of jigs, fixtures and other manufacturing supportive easier with the latter’s software platform, nTop Platform.

While manufacturing jigs, fixtures, and other tooling accounts accounts for more than 20% of end-use parts produced with 3D printing, many users are kept from reaching the full benefits that Additive Manufacturing provide because of the available tools that do not make it easy for them to design.

The first tool of many to be released from their collaboration is the FDM Assembly Fixture Generator which can be accessed inside nTop Platform. The generator lets you automate the design of 3D printed jigs & fixtures with prepackaged templates and workflows.

Engineers only need to do a simple drag-and-drop to quickly a part file into a ready-to-print fixture, and this improves quick turnaround time at modern factories where tight deadlines are common.

We look forward to super-charging the Stratasys additive community with nTop Platform by combining Stratasys expertise with our powerful platform, giving both of our users improved designs with faster time to manufacture.

Manufacturing is going through the most profound shift it has seen in 100 years, and the Stratasys and nTopology collaboration brings this unique combined innovation to accelerate that shift.Bradley Rothenberg, nTopology CEO

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