Stratasys Separator Digital Materials has been a game-changer for NEO Labs

The cool thing about the whole Separator DM process is that we were trying to fix one problem, which was to improve the finish on our appliances, and we actually fix a lot of other problems.Christian Saurman, CEO of NEO Lab

As the CEO and co-owner of NEO Lab, a family-owned digital orthodontic lab in Andover, Massachusetts, Christian Saurman was looking for ways to make day-to-day working easier for his 120 employees. They were working with around 3,000 orthodontic  and pediatric dental clinics across the country, and he decided to talk to Stratasys.

Traditionally, the lab used traditional separator liquid that was:

  • time-consuming and messy
  • tends to bleed around the model
  • difficult to remove appliance from model
  • model can easily crack

The discussion eventually evolved into the development of Separator Digital Materials (DM). The Separator DM infuses with the model resin which eased the separator of the acrylic device from the model, and resulted in better surface finish as well as looking really polished.

Post-processing is also minimized as the parts that only need rinsing are the undercuts of teeth and the pedestal (bottom of the model that sits on the print tray).

A putty knife is just used to scrape off the support, and it’s ready to hit the floor. Prior to Stratasys, the model would be completely encased in support and it would have to be waterjetted or be tumbled.

We used to struggle with the models looking good on our acrylic side because when we run acrylic, it tends to go all over the model. But with Separator DM, it all just falls off.Christian Saurman, CEO of NEO Lab

Download the Case Study to learn how Stratasys Separator DM has become a game-changer for Orthodontic labs like NEO Labs who wants to achieve better surface quality and increased accuracy, while decreasing manual labor.

Comparison of model using Separator DM (left) and without (right)

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