Straumann Group scales up 3D printing of ceramic dental components with XJet technology

Straumann Group, a leading dentistry group in Switzerland, has announced that it will be using XJet‘s NanoParticle Jetting technology to produce ceramic end-use parts such as dental implants.

As an early adopter of the material and one of the first to invest in XJet’s technology, Straumann had been developing product iterations and providing proof of concept thus far. Now, they will move to the next phase with the deployment of the Carmel 1400 Ceramics 3D printing system at its Basel headquarters, and move to end-use parts production.

We believe this technology can scale-up for production effectively. There’s a large print bed and with the soluble support material, we find post-processing simple and efficient.Stephan Oehler, Straumann VP

The company deals a lot with ceramic parts, and were convinced by XJet’s technology when the opportunity presented itself. Apart from the quality of parts, the fine details, and accuracy, the density of the material was extremely high, close to 100%, and did not feel like it was an ‘AM material.’ With their knowledge and expertise in ceramics AM, Straumann is looking to open up new product and application possibilities with XJet’s technology.

Even with the world very much being kept busy with fighting COVID-19, the Carmel 1400 system has been kept busy by Straumann all this time thanks to the easy system operation and the growing demand for ceramic parts.

Working with them to move into production parts is hugely motivating and we’re delighted to see our partnership go from strength to strength.Dror Danai, XJet Chief Business Officer

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