Using a 3D printer to make an awesome portal gun

When NECA announced they were only going to be producing 5000 units of NECA Portal gun, a 1:1 scale replica of the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device or “ASHPD”with lights and sound system, they received a lot of angry comments from community members who did not have an opportunity to purchase the Portal gun.

Pre-orders sold out almost immediately and people left behind was forced to look to eBay, but DeviantArt user techgeekgirl decided to make her own… with 3D printing.

techgeekgirl started this build in February and finished it just in time for Comic-Con in San Diego in July. It was a big hit:

People were stopping me everywhere to ask me where I got it, and the look on their faces when I told them I made it was priceless.

According to techgeekgirl, her gun is in many ways more accurate than the NECA replica because the majority of the outside parts were 3D printed from models made directly from the game. It has lights and sounds which are triggered by buttons under the back shell, and all the electronics are stored in the back of the gun.

(images credit: techgeekgirl)

Many of the parts you see above were 3D printed – and if you want to make such a gun of your own you can find 3D printed replica props and parts on Shapeways.

Watch a short video clip below showing off the lights and sounds of techgeekgirl’s portal gun.

Source: buzzfeed

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