Video Series on 3D Printing Materials: First Show on Transparent VeroClear, Digital ABS and ULTEM

Article by Sam Green

As Stratasys releases more and more 3D printing materials (we’re currently over 130 different materials from both the PolyJet and FDM families), it’s only natural that people will want more in-depth information on the various properties and applications that they can achieve today.

To that end, the Stratasys Materials Business Group has begun a series of quarterly videos to provide more in-depth information for the professional 3D printing user or anyone who wants to find out more about 3D printing and the capabilities available.

In this first video we take a look at 3 of my favorites: PolyJet VeroClear (transparent material), Digital ABS (check out what you can do for injection molding and blow molding with this material!) and ULTEM 9085 from the high-performance FDM family of thermoplastics.

I just wish I had more hair so I could have given you a proper demonstration of that hairdryer (you have to see the video!)


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