WDM Technology – 3D print the Industry’s most accurate wax ups

WDM (Wax Deposition Modeling) is a breakthrough technology that produces extremely precise wax-ups with incredibly fine detail and smooth surfaces, in a casting material that burns away clean for a beautiful final product with minimal post-processing.


3D Printed Dental Wax-up

WDM 3D Printers works by jetting tiny droplets of a wax-like material called TrueWax onto a build tray to build smooth, detailed casting wax-ups. On top of that, the 3D printer deposits a removable wax-blend material called TrueSupport for overhanging shapes and complex geometries which require support during production.


With WDM technology, you can create high quality wax-ups for crowns, bridges and partial dentures, directly from digital files in an automated 4 Step Process of Imaging, Pre-Processing, Production, Post Processing.

With resolution of 5,000 dpi on the X and Y axes and 8,000 dpi on the Z axis, WDM technology produces the industry’s most accurate and precise wax ups. Safe and TSCA-registered, WDM non-toxic wax like materials burn away easily to avoid shrinking, expansion, cracking and residue.


TrueCast 3D Printed Crown Wax-up
TrueCast 3D Printed Crown Wax-up




TrueCast is a firm but flexible material specially formulated to function like wax and fit seamlessly into your existing investment-casting process, even in demanding dental applications. It’s 100 percent castable for any alloy and lets you 3D print any dental wax-up with extreme accuracy.




Crowns with TrueSupport




TrueSupport enables accurate 3D printing of even the most delicate restorations by supporting overhangs and fine features during 3D printing. TrueSupport melts away easily at a relatively low temperature to reveal a smooth wax-up ready for immediate casting.


WDM technology is available on both 3D printers CrownWorx and FrameWorx

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