Weta Workshop uses 3D printers to make props for Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit

If you are fan of Lord of the Rings, you already know who Richard Taylor is and his amazing work. Richard Taylor is the co-founder and co-director of the Weta companies in Wellington, New Zealand. He is also the Creative Director of Weta Workshop and has won four BAFTAs, five Oscars, and numerous other awards for Weta’s success in makeup, costume and visual effects.

In this One News Reporter Rene Graham speaks to Weta Workshops about its DIY devices that are changing the way we make movies. Richard Taylor, Pietro Marson and Rod Sheeny (Weta Workshop Animatronics) talk about how Weta Workshop is using 3D printers to make swords, spears, costumes and weapons for The Hobbit and the Lord of The Rings trilogy.

Weta Workshop started using 3D printers for its productions and public sculptures around nine years ago. Based on a design in a computer, or a 3D scan, the very gifted people there are now using 3D printer to make it materialise. Weta Workshop can now produce any number and scale of models and miniature environments, from the historically accurate to the fantastical or futuristic.

Animatronics engineer, Rod Sheehy, says that the printing technology is an advantage because it keeps costs down with the items made in-house, saving a lot of time.

Weta Workshop just started printing models on larger-scale printing devices. These devices are still in the early testing phase but animatronics engineers hope to create life-size props soon.

Sir Richard Taylor says “One of our staff bolted it onto a robotic milling machine and now he’s able to print a car.” He says that they’ve used the tech to make helmets, sword hilts and axes.

These swords, spears, costumes and weapons will be seen on screen when the Hobbit is released in New Zealand on December 14 this year.

Source: tvnz

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