White Paper – MakerBot 3D Printing Trends Report

2020 has certainly brought on a series of challenges stemming from COVID for many businesses. It is thus not unusual to see them cut all but the most critical capital expenditure. However, this is clearly not the case with 3D printing.

From a survey done on 1,200 professionals across multiple industries, including Aerospace, Industrial Goods, Military & Defense. Medical, and Automotive, the findings revealed that nearly 74% of respondents plan to invest in 3D printing technology in 2021, with 50% planning to spend up to $100,000.

The incredibly positive responses signal growing confidence in 3D printing’s ability to improve resilience, responsiveness and, ultimately, the profitability of business operations. The report will allow you to better understand the current 3D printing climate and its usage influence across industries.

Discover in this 23-page report put together by MakerBot:

  • An analysis of why respondents are using 3D printing and their top applications
  • Factors influencing the growing interesting in this technology
  • Barriers preventing greater utilization of 3D printing
  • Future investment plans analysed

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