3D Manufacturing Solutions Seminar @ NextU – Post Event

3D Manufacturing Solutions Seminar


On 14th August 2014, Creatz3D, Autodesk and NextU jointly organised a seminar to share about how concept designs can be a reality in just a short period of time with 3D printing, as compared to traditional methods.

60 over keen and participants were personally invited and came for this event were left with one thing in mind: knowing that 3D printing can change the way they deliver products in future.

Speakers on that day were Lyn Chua of Autodesk, whom is the Solutions Specialist and of course our Creatz3D team that includes Sales Executive Tomohisa Jinnai, Applications Engineer Li Chen and our General Manager Sean Looi.

With the powerful software from Autodesk working with the high level precision and sturdiness of the quality of product that our 3D printers are able to achieve, the general crowds were treated to a preview of a new generation of prototype manufacturing that will not only save a lot of money, but also a lot of resources, time, manpower and materials.

Most importantly, for the first time in manufacturing industry, prototyping is possible to give designers and developers a sample that is near to end product, minus half the cost and effort.

We are glad to see more and more people from different background having more interest on how 3D printing can help in their industry. The diversity and versatility is limitless, limited only by imagination.

Creatz3d wants to thank the attendees that came and for making this seminar a success.

Drop us a message at info@creatz3d.com on how our 3D Printing Technology can help you.

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