3D Printed Toddler (with Visible Internal Bone Structure)

One of the great things about working in a 3D printing company is that you live and work among the models that come out of our 3D printers – and every now and then a really great model comes your way. Like this fully-sized, precisely-scaled human toddler (minus legs) – complete with visible internal bone structure!

Objet is the only 3D printing technology in the world capable of creating a dual-material model such as this in a single, homogenously-grown piece. This particular model was printed on the Objet Connex500 3D printer and stands 48cm off the ground, weighing in at around 10kg. The materials used here are Objet FullCure720, our original multi-purpose transparent material for the body and Objet VeroWhitePlus, rigid opaque material for the skeleton.

3D Printed Toddler – Created on the Objet Connex500

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