3D Printing Meets Winter Sports


Ryan Chase, Stratasys cost accountant, is an avid snowmobile fan.  While searching for some cost effective, after-market side wind deflectors for his Yamaha Phazer, he noticed that his only color option was black. Ideally, he was looking for an orange component to match the sled and make the addition look especially good.  Then, he had an idea: Why not 3D print the part in nectarine ABS on an FDM machine?

Ryan scanned the black deflector using a Nikon Metris ModelMaker arm and turned it into a 3D STL file with Polyworks reverse-engineering software.  We opened the model in Stratasys Catalyst EX software and set it to build with sparse fill to reduce weight and material cost.

We then smoothed the model using the Finishing Touch Smoothing Station and Ryan mounted it the same way as the stock deflector.  He’s been using it since this year’s first big snow, and plans to keep it for many winters to come.

Real Stratasys thermoplastics can be thanked for their strength and durability. Ryan is dreaming up the next big addition to his snowmobile and promises to keep challenging us with new uses for 3D printing.

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