Objet30 Scholar 3D Printing Package

Check out the latest Objet30 Scholar 3D Printing Package

Objet30 Scholar 3D Printing Package

At the Intersection of Industry and Academia

Stratasys offers the world’s most advanced rapid prototyping and 3D printing solutions, catering to educators and students alike.
Brought to you by the company behind the industry’s most precise 3D printing technology, we now present the Scholar package. The perfect solution for higher education teaching needs, Stratasys’Objet line of 3D Printers have already been adopted by the world’s leading universities and researchdepartments, including among others Virginia Tech, University of New Orleans, Purdue University, and The Technion.

The Scholar package offers a superior quality 3D Printer with industry-leading resolution while reducing both storage requirements and day-to-day operational costs. In addition to the professional Objet30 Scholar 3D Printer, the package includes materials, post-printing accessories, technical support and other features.

The Objet30 Scholar’s 3D printing material provides excellent dimensional stability and high-detail visualization for simulating the precise look of standard plastic end products.

Objet30 Scholar at a Glance

The Objet30 Scholar package is a professional 3D printing solution for precise instructional purposes.

The package includes the Objet30 Scholar professional desktop 3D Printer; two or three year supply of rigid opaque 3D printing materials (Objet RGD240 rigid blue and support material) which Stratasys will store and deliver to academia, on-demand; a desktop Water-Jet system to remove the support material; training for users; maintenance of the 3D Printer; and technical support. Objet30 Scholar customers are also entitled to further discounted 3D printing material re-fill packages.

Download the brochure to view the all-inclusive Objet30 Scholar Package:

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